Alright Class Lets Review EP 57


New yearIt is 2013!

The Year in Review!

The Sandy Hook Shooting was a horrible event. no one denies that in the least. The reactions are expected. Left calling for guns to be banned the Right calling for more gun freedom. Yet, only a few are talking about the Mentally ill and What might have caused this problem.

Time to look at whats happened and what is to be expected

Obama won the election and conservatives are realizing that we have to work on culture. Change society as the left did. Make the counter-culture the conservatives so that we will be able to be free, stay free.

Before that we had a very mean election Mitt just was not able to get his message across that he was going to be conservative. Then there were Mainstream media’s  push for Obama and the lazy socialist.

Sandy Hit and you had that clean up. People died again because they didn’t heed the warnings, but again the great thing about america is that you can make your own decision. You just have to accept the consequences for your action

And no Year review is complete without a little Jibjab


A great big thanks goes out to KrisCricket45678 For the Five stars!


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