Back from the Dead! – Ep 47


All because of Obama's support of the Arab SpringWell the illness hacking coughing, and the amount of phlegm that was produced that would make Captain Tripps look like a  mind head cold has finally subsided. Now it is time for me to actually get caught up and talk about something I have been wanting to talk about since it happened.

On September 11 of 2012 there was an event that happened that the media just sort of brushed off. didn’t make it about what it was. The Media made it out to be a protest over a extremely poorly made film.

Yes if you were able to get past the crappy over dubbing horrible sound and a cheese factor that broke the needle then you are scratching your head as much as everyone else. The Creator of this show is called Sam Bacile who’s name is a pseudonym. This guy ended up being a Coptic Christian, at least that is what the media has told us.

but is this really what has started the riots?

There are many things about this flick that is odd one is that one of the actress’ is back peddling and saying she didn’t know anything about this.

The riots that were supposedly caused by this film in Egypt and Benghazi, Libya ended up killing four Americans. One being our Ambassador two Navy Seals and another American. and all while Our friend is needing our help and we turn our back. During this Obama goes to Las Vegas to do a fund raiser, and then he goes off and is on Letterman. Obama says no to the Prime Minister of Israel’s request for a meeting. He instead attends a Jay Z Fundraiser. The State department apologizes to the Muslims.

The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions.

But the White House later Repudiates the apology

Riots start to form in other Muslim countries and also in non Muslim countries Berlin, Sydney, and London in total our embassies and Consulates in 20 countries are under attack. A few are actually breached and have the Black Flag of Islam Flying over them

All while Cairo and Tehran are becoming a little to close for comfort

 Libyan Diplomats issued a warning that was ignored

Chris Stevens had written in his journal that he was worried about the lack of security. His requests had been denied.

Egypt has become very cocky over the apology they are demanding that the Creator of the Innocence of Muslims be tried and in fact he was arrested. They also have demanded that the US arrest the Florida Pastor Terry Jones for crimes against Muslims also.

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