Big Sis wants you to use scissors, not guns, and what the Media isn’t talking about – Ep 61


The Low Information voters will believe almost anything

Look out! GUN!!!

More like a Lego gun a 5-year-old is threatened with suspension if he acts like a boy again and makes a pretend gun

Obama goes skeet hunting.


Dept. of Homeland Security wants you to protect yourself with scissors

When you watch this you will see that bureaucratic way is not good it is contradictory and lots of propaganda.

Al Gore thinks Conservatives are hostile to Progressive ideas. And he is correct!

What the Media is not reporting

A school shooting was averted by

Wait for it…

Yep you guessed it an armed guard. One child was hurt but not killed, and thanks to the guard being there, it could have been worse. It could have been two dead if not more! So to Wayne LaPierre, Sir you were right!. Guns save more people than they kill. Left wing media, You really need to start doing your job and drop the high horse attitude. That is unless you want us podcasters to take your spot. I mean heck we are already getting more listeners than MSNBC.





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