Global Debates on Presidential Warming – ep 49


Presidential DebateSecond Presidential Debate

The debate was a lot more lively. the moderator was Candy Crowley

Several interesting points many pointed on Debate review

Obama pension bigger than Romney

Binders full of Women – Women, including ex-Cabinet members, rally behind Romney, ‘binder’ project

Of course the CNN chief praises moderator for superb job with Obama and Romney

Romney brought up the fact that Obama has his pension fund wrapped in Cayman Islands and China

Lybia was brought up. Now the question was never actually answered. but Candy was the personal teleprompter for obama and jumped in with a fake fact check, and was helping obama and claimed that Obama called the attack an act of terror

What Obama said

So as you can see Candy Crowley was wrong. Obama didn’t call it a terrorist attack till two weeks later.

Religious Green Update

The Religious Green had yet another hard week. On  October 13, we found out that Global Warming stopped 15 years ago.

another article on the “Warming” stopped 16 years ago

Now for a review here is a good example of the price of Going  “Green”

The left is still dealing out addiction

But that is not stopping

Not that this is stopping the left’s push for green jobs


Classy Muslims

10,000 protest Google


Liberals speaking their mind!

Obama event goers on Benghazi

Just goes to show they take thier

Question of the Week

If republicans are better for business, why did Bain outsource during three republican administrations?

by bonos_rama

During last night’s debate, Governor Romney claimed that companies have been outsourcing jobs overseas to countries such as China and India because they couldn’t compete in “this climate”.  That’s quite an interesting statement, considering the fact that Bain Capital was outsourcing jobs during the 1980s under the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations (during which time Mitt Romney was at the helm), and continued to outsource during George W. Bush’s administration, as well.   In fact, a report by McKinsey Global Institute found that nearly $30 billion in work was outsourced overseas by Bain and its subsidiaries.

Since its inception in 1984, therefore, Bain was involved in the outsourcing of jobs overseas throughout the administrations of three republican presidents.

If republican policies are supposed to be better for business, why did Romney and Bain Capital outsource nearly $30 billion worth of work since the company’s inception back in 1984?  Ronald Reagan had already been president for four years; certainly the “climate” should have been amenable to companies like Bain Capital and its subsidiaries.   It seems to me that blaming democratic policies and adminstrations is a smokescreen.  The truth is that executives like Mitt Romney prefer outsourcing in favor of foreign countries because they want to save money no matter who is in office.  No tax cuts will ever be enough.

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