I will not comply

It is about tyrannyLooks like the UN is after our second amendment not even 24 hours after Obama won re-election. The Arms Treaty is already back in the news and this time Obama doesn’t have anything in his way to keep him from perusing his desire of getting rid of pesky little  second amendment. At least that is what the Mainstream Media would have you think. That is if the Mainstream Media even did their job. Yet why would the Main stream media want to be bothered with something like real news when they can cover how mean Allen West is being by not conceding his race.

But again this is where the Shear genius of the US government starts to shine. If my understanding the ratification process for UN treaties it has to go through both houses of Congress before it can be ratified. If this is actually how it runs and Obama doesn’t decided to side step another one of the Constitution’s pesky little rules then the treaty should be blocked in the House. Yet this is only if BooHoo Boehner keeps his spine intact and does what is truly easy. That being, protecting the constitution from the progressives in the Senate, and White House.

If the UN treaty actually does get ratified you will see a new black market will crop up here in the US and nobody will be ashamed to be apart of it. The illegal selling and trading of guns will not stop here in the US. There will be those dreaded red necks standing around bragging about how they have “X” number of guns pretty much like how they do now.

If the Government does come to collect the guns, They will not be too successful. Yes they will collect some but not all. People will hide their guns and there might actually be a market to help hide guns. Whatever ends up happening, you will hear the majority of Americans holler “I will not comply”. Americans will not be told to lie down. It’s just not in our nature.

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