Obama is Big Brotha, YO! – Ep 71


Obama is now as bad as Bush?

Holy Smoke!

Besides the other scandals that are plaguing the president Now he has really hacked off his lap-dogs the Mainstream media because he is spying on each reporter and American in the US who is on Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, Skype, Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other online services, phone companies, and the like.

Yep, Obama has just turned into what every right-wing wack job has been screaming about. Obama is Big Brotha’ YO! Yep you guess right! Obama is spying on you, and me, and those people what cheer for him, and cheer against him. He has in one day turned this lap dogs the Main Stream Media into  the snarling vicious group. Now will it stay? We can hope but I doubt it.  Yet the new is out. Obama is paranoid and is watching every person in the United States Of America.

Where? Well I would look to the NSA (National Security Administration, or National Surveillance Administration) they have a large data center that they opened up several years ago in Nevada. So everyone is being watched whether you watch that porn flick yesterday or what is the best casserole to use beets with, it doesn’t matter the NSA is watching. and the left is livid! They may actually see the light and find out that it is the oncoming train.


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