Society, Meet Jimmie – Ep 55


This week we have the one the only the great and amazing witty, funny, insightful, (Am I sounding like a fan boy? That’s cause I am) Jimmie Bise!

I sit down with Jimmie to talk about the condition and see what his thoughts are about how the people of conservative media can grab the narrative and help people understand what is so great about being self-reliant.

Jimmie Bise the host of The DeliveryJimmy is the host of The Delivery – A show that has all the good stuff. None of the bad stuff and just a little of the funny. His taped live in front of a studio audience every Tuesday at 8:30 Eastern time.

Jimmie and I talk about how we as conservatives need to learn to tell stories, the left has that down. Emotion generating stories are a part of the narrative that is actually a little foreign to us as data and fact driven conservative.

We talk about how musicians need to perfect their craft before going political.

We tie it up with Television and the monstrosity of Honey Boo Boo, and the Magical sweetness of Duck Dynasty and what we can learn or need to take from these shows and how that is able to direct our message of self-reliance.

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