The Candid Conservative – Ep 62

The Candid Conservative
Dr Carl Mumpower

Brevity is the soul of wit, and our special guest today is choked full of wit and wisdom.

This Week we get The Candid Conservative, Dr Carl Mumpower in studio. He puts out short 1 minute podcasts together that pack such a punch that I am surprised he is not on more people’s radar.

We have a great conversation about how the Establishment GOP’s have moved away from the 4R of Nature: Reality, Reason, Responsibility, and Right. We talk about how with out these R’s it is hard for the “Political Conservatives” to stand against the raging tide of today’s society.

We touch on Dr. Mumpowers passion of the Military and why we are over stepping our bounds and makes a very reasonable case for downsizing and how.  I recommend you listen to the show and get all of the powerful and deep details of our conversation.

“A quick mental replay of the Pledge of Allegiance will illuminate the right side of most issues.”
– Dr. Carl “The Candid Conservative” Mumpower

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Today's broadcast minute on- "The New America (2-8-13)":
Carl Mumpower


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