The Sequestering of Minimum Wage – Ep 64


Obama's idea but... Congress voted for it.

We talk about one more point of the State of the Union plus the joy and irritability of the Sequester. Yes we have an action packed fun filled episode.

Obama wants to increase the minimum wage from 7 dollars and some change to $9.00 an hour. Now for the liberals and progressives, who have never run a business and actively encourage people to think like poor people, this is a good thing. until you start to apply some actual numbers to what it takes to raise the wage from $7.50 to $9.00 and the result is, you have to let one person go.  Out of a crew of 25 workers one person has to be sacrificed to the Liberal god of insanity to pay for people to have a $1.50 raise. This also include s the boss not taking in any extra money so he is working under the minimum wage.

Then we have a little conversation of how Obama’s baby of the sequester is now being talked about so badly even though the cuts are small. Tiny even compared to what  could and should be cut.

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