Why Obama Won the Election – Ep 52

Obama won and it was a shock to many conservative groups. This is because as it has been explained before by other people, It is hard to beat Santa Clause.

Obama gave his voting block many “Gifts” and doing so they returned the favor ins votes.

Obama’s  Cheerleaders, The main stream media, also went to town to bat for Obama. You had lat night talk show host Bill Maher and Jon Stewart  cheering him on. You had other television shows like Honey Boo Boo showing people what conservatives look like and scaring the crap out of the viewers.

Then there is the News Organisations. CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and to an extent Fox telling their own narrative of the events of the country.

The problem then becomes conservatives need to control the narrative of what is happening in the US.

Is that possible? Yes We can and should be starting our own media sites. Direct people away from shows like Chris Mathews and show them something that is more based in reality. Get conservative messages into today’s pop culture. We can Start requesting artists like Mark Scudder

I would also say you need to buy Mark’s CD The Solution is the Problem The deluxe edition has an incredible commentary album in it. You can also find other conservative musicians at Big Dawg Music Mafia. Like Chris Ross and his Story of Freedom, Another kick tail album people should be buying in droves. Get as many people listening to Conservative music. Play it in the office. Blar it in your car.

What else is happening in the World

Classy people again

Mississippi protests

Man Behind the innocence of muslims goes to jail

deepening racial divide

A US drone was shot at by Iran

Some are saying give him what he wants

all fifty states are wanting to secede

and here

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